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Peak Power2000 watts
RMS Power1000 watts
ConeNon-Pressed Paper
Voice Coil3" 4-Layer Hi-Temp, Dual 2 or 4 Ohm  
SurroundEROM Foam with Red Stitching
Magnet180oz Double Stacked
TerminalsHeavy Duty Direct Input Wires Connection
BasketDie Cast
VAS10.2 Liters
X-Max (2-Way)14 mm
SPL86.5 dB
Ported Box1.07 ft3 / Port 31 in.
Sealed Box1.46 ft3

KILOX104 - 10" 1000 Watts RMS Dual 2 or 4 Ohm 3" V.C. Subwoofer

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